June 16, 2016

six weeks with morrocco method

For a while now, I've been searching for a solution to my ever thinning hair. I have the double whammy of Hashimoto's disease and PCOS, both of which can cause hair loss. I've also been moving toward the natural side of things as I attempt to reclaim my health. When I saw an ad for Morrocco Method on one of the blogs I follow, I decided to check it out. I could find nothing but rave reviews (which actually made me even more skeptical), but as it was cheaper than Monat, the shampoo brand I'd been using with some success, I decided to give it a go. I settled on the Healthy Hair Starter Package. At $69, it's a good chunk of change, but I thought it would give me the best taste of what the company had to offer.
Day 1: Used "Earth" shampoo, Diamond spray conditioner, and Blood of the Tiger gel. Shampoo smells horrible. My hair dried much faster than normal today. It also seems dull and lifeless. I also used my normal hair spray to finish off my style--not sure I could go without hair spray on a rainy day like today.

Day 10: My hair is a nasty grease ball. It has been ever since Day 2. I've rotated the shampoos like is recommended, but my hair never feels clean. They talk about a "detox process" on their website, so I guess that's what is happening to me. But YUCK! I'd throw in the towel if I hadn't paid so much for the system. So I'll stick it out for my month, I guess. Also, I should note that I'm not using any product anymore except what came with the system. And I should note that we took our yearbook staff picture for this year's yearbook today ... so the grease will be immortalized.

Day 11: I used the Zen Detox Masque tonight. Honestly, it felt like I was slathering mud on my hair. BUT, after I rinsed it out and my hair dried, the top of my head felt so much less greasy! I'm not going to shampoo tomorrow--it's Saturday, and I don't need to go anywhere--so we'll see where things stand on Sunday. I also watched a bunch of Morrocco Method videos on YouTube tonight. I probably should have watched them long ago--lots of helpful information about brushing and using that weird rubber massager that came with the kit!

Day 15: Got my hair cut today. As usual, my stylist washed it and then styled it with lots of product afterward. After using Zen Detox, my hair felt way less oily, but now it feels downright dry. Hope I'm not taking a step backwards ...

Day 30: So I took a major break from posting, but this is SO. WEIRD. My hair has become super curly! I've always had natural curl, but this is ridiculous.

I decided to continue beyond the initial month because I still had shampoo left. It's now been six weeks. So, what are my thoughts? I think my hair is healthier. The curls have backed off some, and there are times that my hair still feels greasy. I now wash every 2-3 days instead of every day. (On the off days, I still get my hair wet in the shower, I just don't wash it.)

What I haven't noticed is a slowdown in hair loss or new hair growth--two things I am positive were happening with Monat. So I'm still on the fence. I like Morrocco Method (except for the smell, which isn't terrible, but it's certainly not pleasant), but I'm not sure if it's the answer I've been looking for.


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