movie mondays

I love watching movies, and I love talking about movies. And every so often on a Monday, I'll tell you about some of the movies I've been watching. Below are links to all of my Movie Mondays posts.

Movies I Wish I Could Find on DVD: What TV movies would I most like to find on DVD? It's a mix of older and recent films. (8-28-17)

UP Faith & Family: This add-on to a Prime subscription is full of Hallmark-esque films. But is it worth the money? (7-17-17)

PixL Movie Channel: Looking for a source for Hallmark-type films without a cable subscription? PixL has you covered. (1-23-17)

Hearts of Spring: If you love Hallmark movies and Stargate: SG-1, then this is the film for you! (4-11-16)

Christmas Movies to Stream: If you don't have Hallmark, here's how you can watch some great Christmas movies...though all of the linked films may not still be streaming now. (11-24-14)

Countdown to Christmas: When the Hallmark Channel goes all Christmas, all the time, how do you know which made-for-TV movies are worth your time? I'll tell you! (11-10-14)

Movies to Avoid (Amazon Prime): Basically, I watched some horrible movies so you don't have to. (10-20-14)

A Great Sci-Fi Film You've Never Seen: In which I talk all about Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale and Taye Diggs. (10-13-14)


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