February 3, 2016

two snow days, otherwise known as "i needed this"

Every year, speech season just about kills me. Not literally, though it does take quite the toll on my body. (Thank you for that, Hashimoto's.) When we reach February, we're about a third of the way through the season, but we're halfway through the really intense "speech meet every Saturday" part.

And I'm exhausted.

So when I heard Winter Storm Kayla was heading our way, I was hopeful for a day off school. (By the way, when did we start naming winter storms? That's a recent development, right?) Turns out, we got two--because boy did we ever get hammered by the snow!

I am so, so thankful for this time off! I haven't done much--reading, TV watching, a little cooking, and of course the dreaded snow shoveling--and it's been absolutely fantastic. This afternoon, my mom came over, and we finished up Downton Abbey. What a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

My backyard last night.

My front door this morning. That's a 19" drift!

My backyard this morning. The deepest drift measured 22".

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I have to jump right back into the thick of it tomorrow with our annual student council sponsored blood drive, but today? Today I'm savoring. Thank you, Lord, for this break!

Update: Just got the call--we have another snow day tomorrow. Roads in town are decent now, but apparently the gravel is a mess. Plus, our kids come from all over the area, and some other towns are in pretty awful shape. I can't remember ever having three snow days in a row before ... but I'm certainly not complaining!


  1. Snow days call for reading, TV watching and general laziness. :)

    1. Totally agree Rissi! If I could have another snow day without the snow, that would be just about perfect!


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