February 19, 2016

five friday favorites #22: week of feb. 19, 2016

This is a Friday that could not have come soon enough. I do have to get up at 4:15 a.m. tomorrow because of speech, but I'm still thankful it's Friday! It's been a long week, even though I took Monday off as a vacation day, and I am very eagerly anticipating next Friday for two reasons. 1) We do not have a speech meet next Saturday, so Friday truly will be the last workday of the week. 2) Fuller House drops on Netflix next Friday. I absolutely cannot wait! In fact, I'm so excited, that practically all of my favorites could revolve around Fuller House ... but I'll restrain myself to one!

1. Fuller House Cast on The Tonight Show
While I've seen lots of Fuller House things in the last few weeks, this is invariably my favorite. I love pretty much everything about it!

2. Detoxinista's No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie
Basically, I've gone all-in with peanut butter. (Just ask my speech kids. I have a jar of peanut butter that I pull out at each meet.) I made this peanut butter cup pie as individual cupcake-pies for a Valentine's Day treat (and then I forgot to get them out when my friends were over!), and the flavor was phenomenal! However, I decided the almond meal chocolate crust was unnecessary, so I made the recipe again leaving it out and putting the peanut butter filling in mini cupcake liners. It worked wonderfully! (I also reduced the amount of sweetener a bit--the original recipe tastes wonderful, but it's also very sweet.)

I store these in the freezer and get one out when I need a dab of sweetness. So, so good!

3. This Shirt
Ten years ago, I bought this shirt on sale at Younkers. There must have been some magic going on in the dressing room, 'cause when I got home, I realized the shirt didn't fit at all. But it was a final sale item, so returning it wasn't an option. Over the years, I cleaned out my closet multiple times, but the shirt always remained ... even though it was way too small. But yesterday I pulled it out again, and it fit! I absolutely love it. It's comfy, it's not too low, and it has a very interesting neckline. I'd go back and buy more in other colors ... if it wasn't a 2006 design!

As you can see, I still haven't quite mastered the art of the mirror selfie :-)

4. The Flash
Yes, The Flash has been one of my Friday Favorites before. But right now, it's firing on all cylinders, and I just need to gush a bit. (If you don't watch The Flash, feel free to skip down to my 5th favorite.)

Incorporating Earth-2 into this season of The Flash has added so much to the show. Not only did it allow Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) to remain on the show, but Barry, Cisco, and Wells' recent trip to Earth-2 made for two of the most fun hours of TV I've seen in a long time. On Earth-2, Barry's mother is still alive, Barry is married to Iris (who is a police detective), and Barry is most definitely not The Flash.

Not only was it fun to see the doppelgangers of "our" characters (including Killer Frost and Reverb), but a mysterious new character came into play--the "man in the iron mask" who was held in Zoom's lair. Through some kind of coded communication, he got Barry and Wells' daughter to realize he was trying to say "Jay Garrick"--and he became very upset when Barry said that Jay was safe on our Earth. Is the man in the iron mask the real Jay? Is he warning Barry about Jay? Is he (and this is my favorite fan theory so far) Iris' dead fiance Eddie Thawne? And who is Zoom? So many questions--and I can't wait to uncover the answers!

(Not on the Flash bandwagon yet, but you'd like to check it out? Season one is now on Netflix.)

5. If I Run by Terri Blackstock
If you like suspense, you'll want to check out If I Run, the first novel in a new series by Terri Blackstock. Here's part of what I said in my review:
If I Run is fascinating, fast-paced suspense. It is written in first-person, present tense, alternating between Casey's and Dylan's point of view. While this perspective took a bit to get used to, once I did, I felt like I was right there with Casey and Dylan, experiencing the action as they did.
Once I finished the novel, I wished that I could pick up book two immediately!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to let me know your own favorites! I'm linking up with the usuals: Erika, Karli, and April.


  1. What a fun post, Becky! I'm behind on The Flash but the Earth-2 theories sound fun. I'll have to catch up soon - in the meantime, I spoiler read. ;)

    1. You really must catch up, Rissi. This season is SOOO good! There's plenty of time, too--the next episode doesn't air until the end of March :-( At least we now know who Zoom is ... but I'm still dying to know who's in the mask!


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