November 21, 2014

five friday favorites #7: week of nov. 21, 2014

Look at me, posting my Five Friday Favorites on Friday! This is progress, people! Today, I'm linking up at Housewife Glamour and A Little Bit of Everything.

1. Michael W. Smith's Christmas Music
There is so much Christmas music out there, and I love listening to a variety, but I'd really be happy with just three things: Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," Amy Grant's Home For Christmas, and all the Michael W. Smith Christmas music I can get my hands on. I even created a Spotify playlist for myself that's just MWS Christmas music, and I've been listening to it on repeat at the office. (I know, I know--it's not even Thanksgiving yet. But I held out a whole 17 days longer than I did last year, and I waited until after our first snow. I think we can officially be in the Christmas season now.)

This year, MWS has a new Christmas album out, and, as you'd expect, it's absolutely fantastic! You can listen to The Spirit of Christmas free on Spotify, but I'd definitely recommend buying it. It's so great! Here's the trailer to give you a taste:

2. Chatbooks
Have you heard of Chatbooks? I hadn't until I saw a post about them on Michelle Money's Instagram. (Why, yes, I do follow several Bachelor/ette people on Instagram!) Chatbooks takes your Instagram photos and prints them in 60-page books for $6 each (free shipping). I just got my first shipment in the mail, and I'm in love!

3. Cat Collars
Not very glamorous, I know, but these are definitely a favorite this week. Let me explain ...

When my cats were outdoor cats, I kept collars on them all the time. And they ditched them all the time, so I spent a small fortune in cheap cat collars. Since we moved, each cat has been in the same collar the whole time. I wasn't too concerned about the collars, though, because they're indoor cats. Then, just over a week ago, Isis decided to jailbreak. Fortunately, my friend noticed her outside, and I was able to get her back in with no problem. But now that she's had a taste of the outdoors again, I'm afraid she'll keep trying to get out. (If you know Isis at all, you know this a strong possibility.)

I decided the cats needed to have ID tags ... and then I found these on Amazon. A collar with name and phone number embroidered on it is genius! These collars also came with free tags, so I went ahead and got them, too. The collars came earlier this week, and I'm thrilled with them. Here's hoping no one will ever need to use the collar info to contact me, but it gives me peace of mind to know that my cats are "marked."

4. The West Wing
Earlier this year, I marathoned The West Wing in two months. (I talked about it here.) It easily ranks in my Top 5 shows of all time. The other night, I was looking for something to watch while making dinner, and, for some reason, The West Wing came to mind. I put on the pilot episode, and now I'm once again hooked. Josh, Donna, CJ, Charlie, Leo, Danny ... these are like long-lost friends! If you've never watched The West Wing, you really must. I watched it on Amazon Prime, but it's sadly not available there anymore. If you have Netflix, though, you're in luck. This show is most definitely worth your time.

5. Tonight Show Videos
Normally, I read on my lunch break. But not this week. This week, I've become rather obsessed with Jimmy Fallon's celebrity games on The Tonight Show. There are so many funny videos, but this one made me laugh so hard I cried:

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