November 25, 2011

what a difference a year (or 13) makes!

When I was at my parents' house yesterday, I came across a stack of my senior pictures. It. Was. Horrifying.

Because I'm getting brave in my old age, I'll post one here.

On the upside, I think I look younger at 30 than I did at 17 ... but is it any wonder this girl never had any dates?

As I marveled at the outward changes in the last 13 years, I started to think about the inward changes, as well. While some things can be attributed to "growing up," I think most of it is directly related to God's work in my life.
  • I used to worry about everything. Now, I rarely worry about anything.
  • I used to think only of myself. Now, while I'm still quite selfish, I've learned to love others.
  • I used to get angry easily (just ask my siblings). Now, it takes a lot to get me fired up.
  • I used to be extremely self-conscious. Now, I am confident in who I am and what I can do.
  • I used to think life wouldn't truly begin until marriage. Now, while I still hope and pray for a husband, I know I can live a full, happy life as a single woman.
By no means do I think I have "made it." I am more aware than ever of my failings and my need for Christ. But I am also aware of how much He has done in and through me. 
    And I praise the Lord that I no longer look like I did at 17!


    1. Two thoughts. No, let's make it three.
      1. That was the t-shirt that wouldn't die.
      2. The lipstick?!?!
      3. God is so good and merciful to not leave us in the state we're in at 17 - Christ's work was equally needed in my own heart - it's no wonder we get along so much better now! :)

    2. It's funny—I virtually never wore lipstick (or any makeup beyond powder, for that matter), but I thought I needed it for my senior pics. Also, check out the hideous eyebrows. I just dug out my yearbooks to see how many times I wore that shirt on picture day. Amazingly enough, only once ... but it was in 9th grade!

    3. Oh my goodness, so funny! Hilarious the things we think are so fashionable, and then 13 years later...what was I thinking?! Ha ha ha...

    4. Oh, and I'd like to add that I love the part about living a full life as a single woman! It is so amazing to come to a place of peace, knowing that God is in control and will give you what you need! :)

    5. Any advice on how to curb the worry? I find myself worrying about everything lately.

      Props to you for posting this - and including the picture!

    6. Whoops, forgot to click "email follow-up comments" so I'm posting again to do it. :)

    7. @Holly—It is a great place to be! That's not to say I never have my moments of doubt, but knowing—and truly believing—that God has a plan really does bring peace!

      @Very Sleepy Girl—For starters, I do have a lot less to worry about than you do ... after all, it's just me that I need to take care of! I used to be the biggest worrier there was—to the extent of making myself sick. I guess one thing that's helped me is realizing that worry won't accomplish anything. If I'm worrying about something that I can change, then I should change it. If it's out of my control, then I pray about it and ask God to help me not be afraid and trust in His plan. I think it also helps to talk things through with someone. When I was having health issues a year and a half ago, I talked through all the "what ifs" with my mom, and just verbalizing my fears helped curb them.


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