August 21, 2016

35 before 35: #28

I am now past my 35th birthday (how did that happen?), but I did this prior to my birthday ... I just didn't get it written up until now.

#28: Grow my own herbs herb

So I haven't technically fulfilled this goal, as I grew one herb: cilantro. But I also grew green beans, tomatoes, and carrots. So I'm going to count it. Here are some pics of my first-ever gardening attempt!

Not a great picture, I know, but here from bottom to top we have carrots, green beans, and cilantro.

My cilantro was ready way before anything else. I also tired of it quickly and let it go to seed.

But first, I made cilantro salt for use in Mexican cooking!

And now I also have a handful of coriander seeds to do something with. I think I'll need to look up a few recipes!

Now on to the veggies! My beans are almost finished, but my tomato plants are still (slowly) producing tomatoes, and my carrots are still growing.
Both Isis the cat and Skarra are obsessed with the green beans. Every time I pick beans, I give them one to play with. Hammond is always completely unamused.

Overall, I've loved my garden! There's definitely a difference between gardening by choice and gardening by force (a la my childhood). I'm already thinking about next year's garden, which needs to be much larger!

See all of my 35 before 35 posts, where you'll see that I didn't even come close to my goal ... but that's OK!


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