April 13, 2016

stranded: medicine cabinet edition

I'm joining a new linkup today, and it's so fun! Every month, we'll be sharing three things we'd want if we were stranded on a deserted island. Today's topic is Three Medicine Cabinet Items. Check out mine, and then click through and check out everyone else's necessities in the linkup!

1. Lavender Essential Oil

I'm not particularly "oily," though I do have several in my collection. I buy from Edens Garden because they have low prices and free shipping--and at least from what I can tell, the quality is good! Anyway, lavender eo is amazing on burns. And being on a deserted island, the chances of getting burned are very high!

2. Toothpaste

(Why yes, I am stockpiling this toothpaste! By far, the cheapest place I've found it is Thrive Market, but I don't plan to renew my subscription when my year membership ends, so I buy a tube or two each time I order!)

I'm sure many people would say toothbrush here, but toothpaste is more important to me than a toothbrush. (And I could probably fashion some sort of toothbrush from sticks or something.) I have sensitive teeth, so too long without my toothpaste, and I'd be hurting.

3. Deodorant

Because who wants to be stinky? (Doesn't this deodorant look like it came straight out of the 80's? I've been experimenting with more natural options recently, and this was recommended by someone in the For the Love launch team group. It works better than anything else I've tried! I get it from Vitacost--which is my go-to store for healthy/obscure food items and products.)

What three medicine cabinet items would you want on a deserted island?

1 comment:

  1. Toothpaste...great thinking! I totally dropped the ball on that one. Oops!


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