August 2, 2015

tobymac's new album "this is not a test" is here!

I don't usually talk much about my reviews on this blog--that was the whole point of having two blogs: one for reviews, one for life stuff.

But you guys.

I just reviewed TobyMac's new album ... and dcTalk appears on one track!

Take a moment to let that sink in. dcTalk!!!!!

Seeing dcTalk in concert is one of my as-yet unfulfilled dreams (see my 35 before 35 list), though I have seen each member individually (and I will be seeing Michael Tait again at the end of August at the Nebraska State Fair). So you know that the very first thing I did after downloading the album was to go to track 10 and blast it ... a couple of times!

It is just as wonderful as I'd hoped :-) It's like the best of dc Talk all rolled into one track.

The rest of the album is really good, too, as is to be expected of a TobyMac album. And here's the best part: I have a copy to give away! Click here to go to Christian Chick's Thoughts to enter. Good luck!


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