October 10, 2014

five friday favorites #1: week of oct. 10, 2014

Housewife GlamourMy sister (who has become my blogging champion of late and should really begin blogging herself) recently came up with a list of things I should blog about. On that list? Friday Favorites. I've noticed other bloggers doing them, but I'd never really thought about it. Until now. So today begins my Five Friday Favorites--five things I'm enjoying this week. I'm linking up with Heather from Housewife Glamour, so when you're finished here, head on over and check out the other Friday Favorites posts!

1. The Flash
I am absolutely loving Forever, starring the always dashing Ioan Gruffudd, and until earlier this week, I would have said that was my favorite new show. Then I watched The Flash. It's so fun! Within the first 10 minutes both Dawson Leery's dad (who played the Flash on a short-lived series in the early 90's) and Ed showed up. And I know that Michael, Linc, and T-Bag from Prison Break will be on later this season. It always makes me happy to see actors from dearly departed shows! And Grant Gustin as The Flash? He's just so darn likable! But what captured me most was the tone of the show. It's light and fun. Even though this is a DC show, it has that Marvel movie feel to it--think The Avengers.

2. Dutch Butter Cake--GF Baking Fail
The other day, this recipe from Kevin & Amanda popped up in my Facebook feed. It looked so good ... but it wasn't gluten free. I decided to make it anyway and just substitute in the same amount (by weight) of my gluten free flour blend. I did this even though I've yet to successfully adapt a recipe--I do much better when I make a recipe that's been designed to be gluten free. Well, this recipe most certainly didn't turn out like it was supposed to. It's very soft on the top and bottom (like fine sand) and really hard in the middle. But boy does it taste good! Obviously, I won't be taking it to any potlucks, but I'm enjoying eating it at home. (And I bet the kind made with all purpose flour is to die for ...)

3. Orange & Spice Herbal Tea
I lived with my grandparents for a semester after high school, and my grandma had this cupboard that was full of tea. I can't recall her ever drinking tea except for plain iced tea, but her cupboard was well stocked. (Come to think of it, maybe she had her tea at breakfast and I just never knew because my grandparents ate breakfast way earlier than I did!) At the time, I was just discovering a love for coffee, and I had no interest in tea if it wasn't iced. Now, though, I love tea. I recently purchased an herbal tea variety pack, and I discovered that the Orange & Spice tea tastes exactly like my grandma's cupboard smelled! I miss my grandma a lot, and now when I drink my tea, I think of her.

4. Fresh Prince Online Quiz
If you're a child of the 90's, then this quiz is very easy ... but it's oh so fun! Thanks to Jen for sharing it on Facebook!

5. Big & Daring Volume Mascara
In the past several years, I've become a big fan of Avon cosmetics. I used to think Avon was just for old ladies (probably because my grandma had lots of Avon products), but I've since learned that Avon is awesome! My most recent find is the Big & Daring Volume Mascara. I tried it simply because it was cheaper than my regular mascara, but I've fallen in love. Here's the thing: it actually stays on! My mascara always, always, always winds up under my eyes. Think raccoon eyes. But this stuff stays in place!

There are my five! What things are you enjoying this week?


  1. Mmm, I have tried that Orange and Spice Bigelow tea before and it is divine!

    1. And it's so cheap, too! It's also a good thing it's caffeine free--I've been nursing a sore throat, and I had like six cups yesterday!


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