August 12, 2013

35 before 35: #15

#15: Buy a house

I've already written quite a bit about buying a house (here and here), so basically what's left is to show you the pictures! I moved in one week ago with the help of my parents, Blendy, two uncles, an aunt, and a cousin. They were an absolutely amazing moving crew; we started at 8 a.m., and by 4:30 p.m., I was all moved in, and my old house was completely cleaned.

Most people who post pictures of their new houses either post before the move-in or after all their stuff is put away. I moved the day after closing, and I didn't think to take any pictures before the move. With school beginning this week, it may be a while before I have everything put away and organized. So here's my house ... in all its messy glory!

The house from the front. You can't tell because of the angle on the photo, but the house faces the street corner. I've always liked things that were slightly askew!
The living room from the front door. What you can't tell is the ceiling is slanted, which makes the room seem HUGE. I love it!
The living room facing the front door.
The kitchen from the living room.
The kitchen from the family room.
My bedroom.
The family room. This used to be a garage that the former owners converted. It will eventually be where the cats live, but for now, it's storage.
The bathroom.
The spare bedroom. This is the only room that needs work—I'm going to paint it! For now, this is where the cats live when I'm gone.
The back yard. I love that it's completely fenced in. And the shed is pretty nice.

And there you have it—my house! I'm so excited to have it!

August 1, 2013

it wasn't supposed to be like this

When I was a kid, I learned my parents were 24 when they got married. That sounded positively ancient. Surely I'd get married much sooner than that!

I am currently mere days away from my 32nd birthday. And I'm still single.

I had always imagined that by this point in my life, I'd have a husband, two or three kids, and be a stay-at-home mom. For whatever reason, God has put me on a different path. Most of the time, I'm okay with this—I'm actually glad I didn't marry young, as I've done a lot of growing up in the 14 years since I graduated from high school. I enjoy the freedom I have as a single woman; I don't really have to consider anyone else when deciding on purchases, entertainment, meals, or travel. I can do whatever I want on the weekend. I only have to worry about getting myself ready in the morning, so I can sleep until the last possible second.

Overall, my life is good.

Tomorrow, I'll sign the documents to officially purchase my first house. I've heard that moving is one of the five most stressful things in life, and I've never before believed it, but I sure do now! There is so much more stress involved with finding and purchasing a house than there is with renting. And don't even get me started on the loan approval process! (It's enough to give someone a heart condition. No kidding.)

And I wish I had someone to walk by my side, helping me make decisions and sharing the stress.

My parents have been fantastic, checking out houses and going furniture shopping with me, giving advice when I ask for it, and helping me pack. My loan officer has been incredibly patient, reassuring me when the approval process took longer than I thought it should and answering all of my "I have no idea what I'm doing!" questions. My friends have been behind me, cheering me on and praying for wisdom and sanity. My sister Steph has been a great sounding board, always bringing me back to reality. (Also, she mowed my lawn for me tonight so I wouldn't have to take a break from packing to do it. She's pretty awesome.)

But, as wonderful as these people are, they aren't "in it" with me. 

So I want to take a moment to acknowledge something that I usually don't: singleness is hard. It's not my ideal life, but it is my current life. And while journeying through life without a partner is difficult, I shouldn't use it as an excuse for letting my life stagnate.

That's why I took an accounting class this summer (and learned I most certainly should not become an accountant).

That's why I joined a book club through my church, even though meeting new people is difficult for me.

And that's why I'm buying a house.

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